Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reno: The Other Big City That's Little

It's a long haul from Salt Lake to Reno. This is a picture of Scott showing off a wad of Alpaca fur to an Alpaca farmer that we passed on the highway. Yes, Scott travels with a huge wad of Alpaca fur. Anyway, we passed two farmers believe it or not. One was absolutely thrilled by the gesture, and the other one could give two shits either way.

We would like to thank Remi and Sloan, owners of the Underground, for putting on such a fun night. They had the "barfly buss" picking people up at bars all over the city and dropping them off at the venue. It was genius, and resulted in a crowed mixed with people from all walks of life and musical tastes. Not knowing what to expect from our first show in Reno, we were received enthusiastically by the wild patrons of The Underground. Heck, they even let us put fluorescent butt cheek prints on the walls of their hallway. What happened in Reno, stayed in Reno. We'll see you again soon.

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