Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bloggy McBloggster!

Thanks entirely to our good friend, and on-line project spearheading guru, Mike Grigg from Royal Magnet Design (www.royalmagnet.com) we are now the proud owners of the shiny new 2008 Bloggy McBloggster that you are currently viewing.

This is where we'll be posting updates, and fun pictures from the road ... As well as general musings, gripes, dreamscapes, confessionals, goal lists, business plans, tax returns, grocery lists, relevant historical quotations, and notices to appear in court. And, YES .... Our quest for the ultimate Nachos will be accurately documented on these digital pages.

So please, come with us on this journey:

Go to our site, www.chownasty.com (and www.myspace.com/chownasty) to keep track of where we're at and then drop us a line, make a connection. We want to meet you when we come to your town. We are in this for the shared experience! ... and the nachos.