Thursday, April 24, 2008

Real Band Not So Good At Rock Band

It did not take us long to realize that the "Rock Band" circuit is hittin' our bars and clubs like nobody's's the new karaoke. Let me explain. A while back, we pulled up to a club on a cold, snowy evening, and went down stairs to the old-timey basement pool hall turned rock venue. It was a perfect getaway from the cold, and what once bore witness to the pool hustling shenanigans of guys like Fast Eddie, was now more reminiscent of a frat house hang out. Among the few remaining pool tables were a plethora of couches, a stage, and a gigantic big screen TV, that was on this day hosting a happy hour Rock Band tournament. I walked up to the bartender, introduced myself, and informed him that I was in one of the bands. He pointed to a guy on a couch holding a plastic guitar, and he said I should speak to him. Confused as to why the club manager would be playing video games at a time like this, I asked if we could just go ahead and load in our gear. His response to that? "Oh, you're in a REAL band!"So, inevitably, we later found ourselves in a late night "jam session" at Al's house in Connecticut (thanks Al). This game had been in our faces for weeks, and now it was our turn to virtually rock the house. Our band has never sounded worse.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Trouble In The Big Apple

I would like to thank New York for bringing down the house in serious fashion. Our second time to the Knitting Factory produced big results. Thanks so much to all our friends that came out to the show. It was off the chain. Please allow me to share with you some of the highlights...
After a night of complete mayhem, we headed to Brooklyn to chill with Damon's cousin, Zac and his girlfriend Katerina. They are both pretty bad ass artists. Here, see for yourself:
Zac Harris: Lanfranco:

Party Of Seahorses

Let me tell you about a band called We Are The Seahorses. We had a pretty good time playing with them in Baltimore, to say the least. By the end of the show most of us were pantless, shirtless, or both. Fake blood and confetti decorated the floor, and good times lingered. Scott was busy bandaging the singers face, which as gushing blood from a swift guitar blow to the head. That's really all I can tell you about that. Thanks guys.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dave Chapel Is Bigger Than We Are

We were honored to play a great show with The Ambitions, in Washington DC. They're a good-time local band that will get your booty shackin' on the dance floor. You can hear and see them at We also had a chance to eat at Ben's Chili Bowl, a DC staple that cool people like Dave Chapel go to. We did not see him there, but we saw a picture of him on the wall. We were there in person, but there was no picture of us on the wall.
Sadly, but inevitably, we had to say goodbye to our friend Elijah Craig who had been traveling with us for a couple of days. May our paths cross again soon.

Thank You Vagina Beach

So far, the nacho quest has not been as fruitful as we would have hoped; however, we did find a good place for free cheese and chili.
Bathroom art in Virginia Beach.
Rock 'n Roll.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Team Nasty

We picked Scott up at an airport in North Carolina and welcomed him back to the team. The last time you may have seen a picture of him with a suitcase it was a sad, rainy day, and he had to walk back to America. This day, however, was glorious. We've missed him for the past few shows, but now we're gonna get nuts.
We continue on directly to the Redeye Distribution offices. They are an important part of Team Nasty, responsible for getting our records into stores and fun stuff like that. We toured the facilities and found that most everyone was very willing to stop working and hang out with us...what a nice group of folks! Just past the "Cum Park Plaza" and the "Food Lion," we enjoyed some good country cookin' lunch with our friends Leyla and Brian.
With a few hours to kill, we decided we'd go catch dinner at a local fishing hole. Hey, when in Rome...
Damon leads us to a spot that he feels lucky may have been because there was a buoy in the water that said "Fish Attractor" on it.Even still, we didn't catch shit.
Our show at the Nightlight was great. The place doubles as a used book store, and we stayed up late playing Jazz records and reading fiction.